Bird Friendly Habitat

As the land is increasingly developed in our area, we are destroying much of the native plant habitat on which birds and other wildlife depend. Typical developments include large areas of lawn and non-native plants. Some of these non-native plants escape cultivation and take over the few remaining natural areas, which in turn threatens those habitats for wildlife.

Forsyth Audubon Society is trying to restore native habitat and reduce the pressure from invasive plants through education and direct intervention, one property at a time! We are educating people about the benefits of using native plants, how to identify and remove invasive plants, and other steps they can take to make their property more bird friendly. Our goal is to create Bird Friendly Communities, a goal we share with North Carolina Audubon.

Special thanks to the New Hope Audubon Chapter for taking the leadership role with the Bird Friendly Habitat Program in North Carolina. They, and their program (which has been in existence for over a decade) have served as a mentor to Forsyth Audubon for the implementation of the program locally. Much of the information and text provided on this website was created by New Hope Audubon and graciously shared with Forsyth Audubon.