Kaleideum, formerly SciWork, is a small area but has interesting birds. To get to Kaleideum from US 52 North, take the Hanes Mill Road exit, to go south to the light at Museum Drive. From downtown, take Cherry St and bear left onto University Pkwy. From Silas Creek Parkway North, continue 0.5 miles past Bethabara Road and turn left onto University Parkway. At 1.6 miles, (next light after Oak Summit Road) turn left onto Hanes Mill Road and follow it to the right to Museum Drive. The Science exhibits are open Mon.-Sat. 10-5. The 15-acre Environmental Park is open for guided tours on Saturday 11-4. There are fees.

The tall trees and varied brush provide refuge favored especially by winter birds. You can expect five woodpeckers, two nuthatches, two wrens, two kinglets, two warblers, and sparrows including Chipping. Common Raven also may pass by overhead, as may gulls and both vulture species visiting the nearby landfill. In summer, look for Eastern Wood- Peewee, Kingbird, Yellow Warbler, Indigo Bunting and Barn Swallow.