Shaffner Park

Shaffner Park is on Silas Creek Parkway North between Country Club and Robinhood. Turn east onto Yorkshire Rd. to find parking at the tennis courts. Walk south along the creek past the pine grove and the ball fields, then along the side stream up to the woods near the playground. The greenway across Yorkshire also has interesting birds. Silas Creek has been revitalized from a channel to a more natural streambed. This action is paying off with more fish, which means more herons and kingfishers. Winter birding can produce several species of sparrows, kinglets and nuthatches. Migration months bring warblers and vireos. Five hawk species are seen at various times of the year.

The Par Course is on the other side of the Parkway. Northbound, turn at Kirklees Road and either reverse to the main entrance or go to the pedestrian entrance on up Kirklees. The path along the creek can be good during migration for warblers, tanagers, and orioles. Bluebird, Eastern Phoebe, Indigo Bunting and Common Yellowthroat often nest at the park. In summer you may hear Wood Thrush singing in the thick woodlands on each side, or near the Greenway. In winter, check the maple trees for Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Be alert for walkers and joggers. Both sections of the park have restrooms (portable only in winter).